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Elective Rotations

3rd and 4th Year Elective Rotations

1) All electives with NJRMEC preceptors and/or hospitals must be first cleared with the chief medical students to ensure that preceptors are not double-booked.
2) Once given clearance, students should contact the preceptor or coordinator for the desired elective rotation and seek approval for the rotation.  
3) Students should then fill out the Elective Request Form found on this page. This form must also be signed by the site/preceptor/rotations coordinator.
4) This form can then be submitted to the office of the Clinical Dean.

Away/Visiting Rotations

Away rotations are for 4th year students who wish to do elective months at other institutions. TouroCOM is now participating in the Visiting Student Application Service (VSAS), which will streamline the application process to the participating institutions. Information on which institutions participate in VSAS, as well as information on how to apply, can be found in the documents to the right. 

If the institution you are planning on applying to is not a participating VSAS institution, you may find more information on the application process at the On-Line Extramural Electives Compendium.

Clinical Rotation Change Requests

There are two ways in which a student can request a change to his or her rotation schedule. Please see below for more information. 

All rotation changes must be cleared with Dr. Miglietta by email.

Option A - Submit a request form

In order to request clinical rotation changes all students must use the Clinical Rotation Change Request Form.

1. Please complete this form and submit it to your TouroCOM Class Student Coordinator (Gabriela Castro for Class of     2013 and Elkay Jose for Class of 2014).

2. The Clinical Dean, Dr. Kenneth Steier, will then provide a decision, and a confirmation will be sent to you via email.

You must submit your request at least 5 weeks prior to the month you want to change.  Please be advised that submission of the Clinical Rotation Change Request Form does not guarantee that the rotation change will be granted.  The Clinical Education Department will do its best to accommodate you.  

Option B - Swap with a classmate

It would be most helpful if you could arrange to swap your rotation (must be the same month) with another classmate.

1. Both parties are to send Sarah Stoltz, at an email stating the hospital, month and rotation to be swapped. 

2.     When the swap option is used the Clinical Rotation Change Request Form is not required.

3.     Upon review and approval by Dr. Ken Steier a confirmation will be emailed to you by your TouroCOM Student Coordinator (Celina Agaian for Class of 2012 and Joy Cohen for Class of 2013).

Elective Request Forms

Use this form to request elective rotations at Core and Non-Core hospitals. For electives at Palisades, please see the information in the Schedules and Electives page.