New Jersey Clinical Rotation Sites
This site in an unofficial site not owned or operated by Touro College of Osteopathic Medicine.  This site is maintained by Dr. Miglietta to assist students rotating in certain hospitals. 

Elective Rotations

3rd and 4th Year Elective Rotations

1) All electives with NJRMEC preceptors and/or hospitals must be first cleared with the chief medical students to ensure that preceptors are not double-booked.
2) If requesting to do an elective with a *new* preceptor (one that has not taken Touro students in the past) at an NJRMEC hospital; give the Chief of Electives the contact information of the physician and the chief will then reach out to him or her to discuss the possibility of becoming a preceptor.   
3) Students should then fill out the Elective Request Form found on this page. This form must also be signed by the site/preceptor/rotations coordinator.
4) This form can then be submitted to the office of the Clinical Dean.

Away/Visiting Rotations

Away rotations are for 4th year students who wish to do elective months at other institutions. TouroCOM is now participating in the Visiting Student Learning Opportunities (VSLO - formerly VSAS), which will streamline the application process to the participating institutions. Information on which institutions participate in VSLO, as well as information on how to apply, can be found in the documents to the right. 

If the institution you are planning on applying to is not a participating VSLO institution, you may find more information on the application process at the On-Line Extramural Electives Compendium.

Clinical Rotation Change Requests

If there is some extenuating circumstance and you absolutely need to change your rotation schedule please reach out to the chiefs. We will then bring it up to Dr. Miglietta and the Clinical Education department. 

Elective Request Forms

Use this form to request elective rotations at Core and Non-Core hospitals. For electives at Palisades, please see the information in the Schedules and Electives page.