Englewood Hospital & Medical Center
Welcome to the EHMC TouroCom website! This website will help provide you with all of the necessary information needed to rotate through Englewood as a third and fourth year medical student.

Chief Medical Student: Jessica Briggs

Regional Dean (NJ-RMEC): Maurizio Miglietta, DO, FACOS

*Please contact the junior chiefs for scheduling needs. 
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Internal Medicine
Coordinator: Lucy Martin, Department of Medicine, 3rd floor, North Annex Building
lucy.martin@ehmc.com, (201) 894-3945
Students should report on the first day of the rotation to Lucy Martin's office at 9:30am.

After the first day, students meet the residents in the lounge at 8am. The residents will share with you the Google doc that they use to track patients, and you should print it out each morning. Rounds with the attending typically begin at 8am. Each student is responsible for following 2-3 patients at a time. This includes writing admission notes (if new patients), daily progress notes, and presenting the patients to the attending when asked. Notes must always be signed by the residents. 

Lockers are available to students in the locker rooms adjacent to the resident lounge. Bring your own lock.

Most days of the week, resident didactic sessions are held from 11am - 1pm, generally in Conference Room C. There are also teaching sessions held for medical students in the North Annex building several afternoons per week that you are expected to attend. Either Lucy or the residents will provide you with these schedules. 

Coordinator: Edel Connolly, Department of Surgery, 2nd floor, Main Building
Please contact the chief medical student with any questions before contacting the department.

Rounds with the residents start at 6:30am.  The residents expect students to pre-round on patients and be ready to present when they arrive. Student are expected to follow the patients whose cases they have scrubbed into, until they are discharged. It is totally acceptable to write progress notes on them and place them in the chart, leaving some space at the bottom for either the resident or attending to sign. All notes must be signed by the student. All students on general surgery should split the general surgery cases amongst themselves.  The other surgical sub-specialties, like ENT, urology, orthopedics, vascular, neurosurgery, etc. can be scrubbed.

Operations start at 7:45am.  One student is required to be on call for every day of the week How late that student stays is variable, students will take call with the residents. Students keep a patient list for all the patients on our service that should be seen by us on rounds.

Cases will be assigned by the Surgical Chief Resident on Service.


Grand Rounds, M&M, Tumor Board, or IBD conference: weekly every Wednesday TBA; 7:15 am

Resident education: education via web-conference with Mt.Sinai every Thursday 7:00 am; Conference room C

Please note: As per the Department of Surgery, only students who are on the schedule for the current month are permitted in the OR. If you're on a different rotation, rotating at another hospital and aren't scheduled to be at Englewood, etc. you cannot go into the OR.

Intensive Care Unit
The MSICU is located on the 3rd floor of the main hospital. Students assigned to Critical Care should report to the MSICU at 8:00am on the first day of the rotation and ask for the ICU resident/fellow and introduce themselves.

Coordinator: Nancy Hayunga, Department of Radiology
nancy.hayunga@ehmc.com, 201-894-3480. 
Students on electives in Radiology should email or call Nancy to coordinate schedules and assignments.

Shuttle Service
There is shuttle service between Mount Sinai and Englewood Hospital. Please go to this link for updated shuttle service information.

Buses to Englewood

New Jersey Transit buses are available from the Port Authority Station to Englewood. Bus 166  drops passengers in front of the hospital.  

New Jersey Transit buses are available from the George Washington Bus Terminal to Englewood and require a transfer. Please see NJ Transit website.