Holy Name Medical Center

Entrance & Exit Interviews
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Dr. Righthand and Dr. Ilowite are the DME's at Holy Name. They will be conducting brief interviews with students rotating at HNMC at the beginning of each month; at mid-month; and again at the end of the month. Students assigned to specific preceptors will have their interviews with the individual preceptors, so this only applies to positions with hospitalists, clinics, ICU, EM, etc.


The beginning and ending of each month interviews are MANDATORY, and the mid-month interview is optional and can be scheduled on an individual basis.    

Tuesday, September 25: Exit Interviews with Dr. Ilowite
Marian Hall Conference Room #4
11a - 12:30p, Interviews
12:30p - 1:30p Lecture

Monday, October 1: Entrance Interviews with Dr. Righthand
Marian Hall Conference Room #2
2p - 3p 
Dr. Righthand's meeting is more of a lecture. If you have already rotated at Holy Name and attended it in the past, you are not required to attend again. But, you must let the chief know ahead of time if you will not be coming. 

Tuesday, October 30: Exit Interviews with Dr. Ilowite
Marian Hall Conference Room #3
11a - 12:30pm Interviews
12:30p - 1:30p Lecture