Holy Name Medical Center


Holy Name Clinic


The clinic is on the main floor of the hospital. If this is your assignment, please report to the clinic on the first day of your rotation at 8am. 





Students can spend time with Dr. Michael Kailas, as well as in the Multiple Sclerosis Center with Dr. Picone.

Family Practice


Students will rotate with various family practitioners in the hospital, nursing homes, and offices. Please contact your preceptor well in advance of the start of your rotation.  


Please make an effort to attend the following:

  • Englewood Grand Rounds - Thurs 8am, The Learning Center Auditorium (suspended for the summer)
  • Holy Name Grand Rounds - Tues 9am, Marian Conference Hall, Room #1 (suspended for the summer)


Internal Medicine


Students will rotate with various internists both in the hospital and in private offices. Please contact your preceptor well in advance of the start of your rotation.


Please make an effort to attend the following:

  • Englewood Grand Rounds - Thursdays at 8am, The Learning Center Auditorium
  • Holy Name Grand Rounds - Tuesdays at 9am, Marian Conference Center

Helpful Hints for IM with Dr. Sciarra (Multiple Hospitals)

Call him at 201-969-2111 to set up rotation. Leave a message with the answering service and he will be paged and calls you back. He's at a different location each day and he usually wants you there around 7:30/8am. The days are short! Most days I was off by lunch; sometimes he lets you go at 10:30, other days go till 4:30. He lets you observe multiple endoscopies and colonoscopies, so make sure you read up on GI beforehand. He usually asks questions and if you don't know the answer, he tells you to look it up and report to him the next day. When he let us go early, he just told us to pick a topic and read about it that night. Dress code is professional attire. Surgicare is the only location where you'll wear scrubs.

Mon: Palisades, 3rd floor endoscopy unit

Tues: Hudson Regional hospital Endoscopy Unit in Secaucus, NJ. Ask the security officer for a token to get out of the $5 visitor parking. They'll direct you where to go.

Weds: Palisades ACE unit, located on the 4th floor of the hospital. This is a privately owned unit, so your ID badge doesn't work. Go to the front desk, and ask them where to go. He usually does about 15-20 procedures here and sometimes has consults on the floor that you will be expected to do, write notes on, and then present to him (while he's doing the procedures throughout the day).

Thurs: Holy Name Endoscopy Unit (occasionally)

Fri: Surgicare (2nd floor at 630 Palisades Ave, Englewood Cliffs). Ask the front desk where to go and they'll direct you where to change into scrubs for the procedures for the day.


Students will rotate with the scheduled attending, Monday - Friday. Days begin at 8am in the OB department. Attire is scrubs and white coats. 

One week of the Holy Name OB rotation is spent in the GYN clinic, attached to the Holy Name Clinic on the first floor. The hours are as follows:

Monday: 8am - 11am. Full OB history taking with RNs.

Tuesday: 8am - 12pm. New OB, OB follow-ups, GYN

Wednesday: 12pm - 3pm.  Full OB history taking with RNs.

Thursday or Friday (alternates each week): 8am - 12pm. New OB, OB follow-ups, GYN

Emergency Medicine


Students rotating in Emergency Medicine at Holy Name must be present on the first day of the month, at which point they will receive their schedule for the rest of the month. You should expect to work 15 12-hour shifts over the course of the rotation.

If you have specific schedule needs, please email them to Haley Poland (haleypoland@gmail.com) as soon as you know you're assigned to Holy Name EM. She will pass them on to Dr. Kutzleb, who makes the EM schedule. 


There are three areas of the hospital you will rotate through: Peds outpatient (the Clinic with Dr. Murray), Peds inpatient (6th floor and newborn nursery) and Peds ER (in the ER with Dr. Kambolis)


  • Peds outpatient: The Clinic is on the Lobby Level past the Visitor's Cafe, on the way to the Physician's Lounge Conference Room.  Dr. Norma Murray is very interested in teaching.  She'll explain things throughout the day and is receptive to questions.  She'll sit with students for about an hour at the end of each day (except Mondays) to do some didactic teaching. The Clinic doesn't require either scrubs or white coat.  But don't forget your stethoscopes - you'll be listening to a lot of hearts and lungs. Clinic hours are as follows: M: 9:15-7:30, T: 9-5:30, W: 9-3:30, Th: 9-5:30, F: 9-3:30

  • Peds inpatient: The Peds floor is on the 6th floor off the Maple elevators, all the way down the hall.  You need your ID badge to get in.  There are 4 Peds Hospitalists that rotate and work from 8a-8a: Drs. Llamas, Quaye, Shenoi and Chelliah.  You should report to the unit at 8am on your first day, but they may have you start later from then on. While on this unit, you will make morning rounds in the newborn nursery and assist in C-sections, which are on the 3rd floor in LDRP (Labor and Delivery).  You should call LDRP the night before or the same morning to find out about scheduled Cs.  You are not required to be present for all C-sections but if there's one at 8:30, you'll want to go straight to LDRP instead of reporting to the 6th floor. Days usually end between 4pm and 5pm, but the workload depends on how many patients are on the floor. Wear scrubs with your white coat in this department. 


  • Peds ER: Located within the Emergency Room on the 1st floor, the Peds ER is Pod 3.  Dr. Kambolis works from 4pm-12am, Monday-Thursday.  Other docs work on the weekends and you can ask about going in at those times, but it's not required.  You can park in the ER lot after 4pm. Wear scrubs with your white coat in this department.  

  • LDRP: X3125, Peds Inpatient: X3090



Please contact your preceptor well in advance of the start of your rotation.

Please note: Students assigned to the SURGICAL rotation at Holy Name Medical Center CANNOT use the physician day lockers to store their belongings.  Six lockers have just been placed in the hall ouside the Male/Female changing room of the Operating Room specifically for Touro students. 


Helpful Hints for Surgery:

    • The OR is on the second floor.  

    • The best machine to get your scrubs is in the hallway near the Surgery Dept (around corner from the IVY elevators). Your badge needs to be set up to correspond to your size. After swiping your badge, follow directions on the machine. After getting your scrubs, we have access (with our badge) to the physician locker rooms right next to scrub machine to change. It has electronic lockers to hold any belongings. The physician lounge is right outside another exit from the locker room. You can find some physicians in between cases and an OR monitor in the physician lounge. Make sure to have a surgical bonnet/hat on when you enter the OR area.

    • Check the monitors for the surgeries currently going on. You should also check the OR schedule on the HIS system and read up in advance on the cases you'll be joining. General info on the organ system, anatomy, adjoining structures are important to review before surgery. Some attendings like to ask questions during surgery even if you are just observing a case.

    • Ask the OR nurses in the front of the Surgery area to have someone do a review with you on how to scrub in. They will show you the proper procedures on how to scrub before participating in a surgical case, i.e. what soap to use, how to put on gown, etc.

    • Physicians to possibly seek while on surgery rotation: Dr. Marta, Dr. Yang, Dr. Christoudias, Dr. Miglietta, Dr. Poole. They are not there every day but normally have surgeries Monday, Wed and Fri. On the other days, find those cases you are interested in and ask the physician if you can participate, observe, etc.

    • Always introduce yourself to the staff in the operating room where you'll be working, ie. the nurse, surgical tech, etc.


Helpful Hints for Surgery with Dr. Miglietta:

There should always be a student scrubbed in on Dr. Miglietta's surgeries.  If there is only one student assigned to surgery and Dr. Miglietta has a case, you should be there.  If there are multiple students assigned to surgery, discuss who will go to his case, see if he'll take more than one and be there. 


Helpful Hints for Ortho with Dr. Steuer:

If students have a week, just do all inpatient and surgeries with Dr. Steuer and his group. The two PA's, Phil and Peter, are awesome and extremely helpful.  They are the ones you should contact as well, as a lot of your time will be spent with them.  Go in on the surgeries, MAKE SURE YOU KNOW PROPER SCRUBBING AND STERILE TECHNIQUES. Orthopedists are very strict in that regard, mainly because they all fear someone getting osteomyelitis.  Read up on the anatomy beforehand (muscles around the hip, knee), as sometimes they ask questions and if they see you are prepared you will get good comments on your eval.


If the students have more than a week, ask Dr. Steuer if you can work in the office too, as you'll get to see pre/post-op patients, injections, x-rays, and other things you won't experience in the OR. Also, for people that really are not into surgery, you can probably spend the majority of your time in the office, and it's just a few minutes from the hospital.


For the shelf, make sure you study internal medicine too, as it seems to be half the test.  The shelf is very hard, like most, so if you have access to the USMLE World questions on Surgery, that will help.

Critical Care/ICU

Dr. Cole requests that you contact him the weekend prior to the start of your rotation in the ICU.

Dr. Randolph Cole



Students should report to the 2nd floor Intensive Care Unit at 11:00 am, when rounds begin. Students may also spend time in the Englewood Hospital MSICU located on the 3rd floor. They should report to the ICU resident or fellow.


Report to the anesthesiologist in the Operating Room.