Hudson Regional Hospital

Hudson Regional Hospital

Chief Medical Student: Grace Huang

Regional Dean (NJ-RMEC): Maurizio Miglietta, DO, FACOS

*Please contact the chief medical student for scheduling needs.
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ID Badges

You must pay a $25 deposit to get your hospital ID/Kronos card. (The Kronos card gives students access to the ER, OR, etc.) This deposit will be refunded AFTER you return the ID/card. MHMC fully understands that for 3rd years they will not be getting the card back until the student graduates.


Computer Access

There will be a training class that must be performed before you will be granted access. You will receive information on this before begining your rotation.

Weekly Conference

Student Conferences will be held at 2pm on Wednesday afternoons. Attendance is mandatory.

Surgery Students have conference every Wednesday at 7:45 am at Englewood Hospital Medical Center.   


At the beginning of your rotation, after you receive your ID badge, report to Rosalba Garcia's office on the top floor with the forms below.