Meadowlands Hospital Medical Center
Chief Medical Student: Grace Huang

Director of Medical Student Clerkships: Marc Egazarian, MD

Regional Dean (NJ-RMEC): Maurizio Miglietta, DO, FACOS

*Please contact the chief medical student for scheduling needs.
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ID Badges

You must pay a $25 deposit to get your hospital ID/Kronos card. (The Kronos card gives students access to the ER, OR, etc.) This deposit will be refunded AFTER you return the ID/card. MHMC fully understands that for 3rd years they will not be getting the card back until the student graduates.


Computer Access

There will be a training class that must be performed before you will be granted access. You will receive information on this before begining your rotation.

General Information

Marilyn Navarro is a great contact person for questions about Meadowlands:

Weekly Conference

Student Conferences will be held at 2pm on Wednesday afternoons. Attendance is mandatory.

Surgery Students have conference every Wednesday at 7:45 am at Englewood Hospital Medical Center.   


At the beginning of your rotation, after you receive your ID badge, report to Rosalba Garcia's office on the top floor with the forms below.