New Bridge Medical Center

Rotations Available:

Internal Medicine / Primary Care / Family Practice Outpatient Clinics
Report to the Ambulatory Clinic on first day of rotation after obtaining ID.  
Medical Clinic runs daily from 9am-5pm.
Other speciality clinics available:  
Allergy, Rheumatology, Cardiac, Dermatology, Diet, Endocrine, ENT, GI, GU, GYN, Hemo, ID, Nephro, Neuro, etc.

Typical Day:
-Report to Clinic at 8am
-Create a Sign-in Sheet for all Medical Students (please hang in staff lounge)
-Obtain the Clinic Schedule from Heather at start of rotation
-During morning sign-in, determine which Specialty Clinic you will attend that day.
-Each Student should rotate through the Medicine Clinic daily, either the morning or afternoon shift (depending on number of preceptors available)
-In other words, each student should spend half the day in the Medicine Clinic, and the other half in a Specialty Clinic
-Sign-out between 3:30-4pm.  

Report to Joel Reed, Medical Student Coordinator on first day of rotation at 8am.
Location:  Behavioral Health Dpt, Bldg 14, 2nd Floor, Rm 223
Phone number:  201-967-4132 

On the first day of rotation, students assigned to the Psychiatry clerkship will meet with either Dr. Frometa (Student Chief Resident) or Dr. Hussaini (Executive Chief Resident) to discuss general expectations for the program.  This will also including lay-out of the hospital and schedule.  Please see below for their respective contact information.  

Dr. Frometa (Student Chief Resident):
Dr. Hussaini (Executive Chief Resident):

**Please refer to BRMC Psych Packet for more details**


Show up to OR and introduce yourself to anesthesiologist on call on first day of rotation.

Students will rotate from other hospitals with assigned preceptors. Student will attend weekly Wednesday clinics: Breast Clinic from 12:00 - 1:00 pm and General Surgery Clinic from 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm. 

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