Palisades Medical Center

How to Set up an Elective at PMC


There are electives available at Palisades. Students on core rotations have priority, so availability may be limited.

Steps to setting up an elective at Palisades:

  1. Complete the Core Hospital Elective Request form
  2. Send the form to Dr. Miglietta and cc Celina or Joy and the Chief Medical Student. You must get approval from Dr. Miglietta before submitting to admin, to ensure that there is availability for your requested elective.
  3. Once Dr. Miglietta has verified the availability and given you approval, submit the form to admin. Be sure to cc Dr. Miglietta, Shanyn, and the CMS.
  4. If you are approved by admin, please forward the confirmation to Dr. Miglietta, Shanyn, and the CMS.
  5. Attend orientation at Palisades. Students doing an elective anytime between  July - December 2014 must attend orientation. No exceptions will be made.

Electives that may be available at Palisades:

  1. Anesthesia
  2. Emergency Medicine
  3. Family Medicine
  4. OB
  5. Psychiatry
  6. Surgery