Palisades Medical Center

New Students

For students who are new to Palisades:

ID Badge:

1. You can obtain your ID badge at the human resources office located in the main lobby by the gift shop. Please see Rose Marie before going to the human resources office. Her office is located on the second floor. Take the elevators located by the lobby area. It's the first office on your right. Rose Marie starts her days around 7:30 am. She will give you your computer access and other important instructions.  IMP: Please note that you MUST have oriented at Palisades in order to rotate there. Rose Marie will not give you access nor ID if you haven't.  Please consult corresponding chief medical student if you have been scheduled for PMC and have not oriented so that changes can be made accordingly.


2. Parking is free at Palisades. The lot for students has moved to Homewood Suites about a mile from the hospital at City Place. A free shuttle is available to transport you to and from the lot. There is a sign for Palisades staff/students when you come in.

For ALL students:


If you are doing surgery please follow the instructions given to you by the chief resident.  The chief surgical resident is Matt Schutzel. The OR is located on the 3rd Floor.  On call rooms are on the 5th floor and it is the same floor where you will meet every morning for rounds.  Conferences for surgery students take place in Englewood at 6 am, if there is any time change your corresponding residents will inform you about it.

Surgery Conferences:

They take place every Tuesday at noon. The surgery residents will give you more information once you start your rotations.   

How to get scrubs:

Palisades so far doesn't use scrub machines for students. Students will buy two pairs of scrubs to have. The scrub room is located on the 2nd floor. Make a left when you get off the elevators (the ones by the lobby area), and take your first left at the end of the hallway, go through the double doors and you will see the scrub room. 

See the calendar for the call schedule.

Call schedule


For the OB students, please report at 7.30am on the OB floor (2nd floor, make a left when you get off the elevators located by the lobby, then make a right). The OB nurses are very familiar with students and will call the attending on call. Also, every Friday, one student has to go to Maternal and Fetal Medicine and work with Dr. Principe. His office is located on the fourth floor, and you start at 1pm. Please go there one day before to let the nurses know. You also wear blue scrubs while on OB.


The ER is located on the first floor. Attendings start at 7am. It's hard to find the attendings when you walk in. You can just ask the nurses and they'll direct you. If there is a resident working in the ER for the month, please make sure to follow their schedules and you may divide up the time with your fellow classmates and come to an agreement with the schedule amongst yourselves. You have to do at least 15 12hr shifts for the month.

When you are on FM you mainly work in offices and will occasionally come to the hospital. You are always responsible for contacting the preceptor at least a week in advance. FM students are required to attend Grand Rounds at Palisades, they mostly occur every Wednesday at 8 AM in the auditorium. (FYI: Dr. Amin: 732-429-3741.)


Please contact chief IM resident Dr Megan Wannamaker at 201 216 4420 (pager: preferred) when you get to Palisades at 7 AM so that she can give you instructions for your first day.  IM residents usually meet at 7 AM for the morning report at the ob conference room on the 2nd floor but sometimes it changes location therefore is better suggested to contact the resident first.  Whoever has another doctor for IM or IM-subI should be calling the doctors this week to inform them of your arrival. IM students are required to attend Grand Rounds at Palisades, they mostly occur every Wednesday at 8 AM in the auditorium.


You will meet with Dr. Santos in the ER every day at 7:30am and he will give you instructions on the rest of the day.


Mandatory Entrance/Exit interviews

Every student rotating at Palisades will have an entrance and exit interview every month with our Director of Clerkship Dr. Sameh Elias. If, for instance, you are doing your first two weeks at Palisades and your last two at Holy Name/Englewood/Meadowlands/Bergen then you will do your entrance interview at Palisades and your exit interview at one of the later hospitals. 


Please watch out for the Sunday newsletter every week for more information on weekly and future events.

Palisades is only one building so, don't worry, things are very easy to find for the most part. You can ask security in the lobby if you are having trouble finding anything.

Don't hesitate to email the chief medical student if you have any questions, and welcome to Palisades!