St. Joseph's Hospital Health Center

Morning Rounds & Noontime Lectures

Students are expected to actively participate in morning teaching rounds and attend daily noontime conferences, Mondays through Thursdays. Lunch will be provided at these lectures. These lectures are an integral part of your learning experience at SJH, please arrive early! There will be a daily sign-in sheet for these lectures and absences are marked by the MedEd Department. With the exceptions of students on vacation or elective rotation, you are expected to attend these meetings. Please inform Anne and Bernie/Kat if you are unable to attend.  

Shelf Exams

Administered at the end of each rotation. (Note: At the end of your elective rotation; the OMM shelf exam will be administered).

Current Schedule (May Change with Notice)

 -8:30AM, July 27, 2018

 8:30AM, August 24, 2018

- 8:30AM, September 28, 2018

- 8:30AM, October 26, 2018

 - 8:30AM, November 30, 2018

 - 8:30AM, December 21, 2018

 - 8:30AM, January 25, 2019

 - 8:30AM, February 22, 2019

 - 8:30AM, March 22, 2019  

 - 8:30AM, April 26, 2019

 - 8:30AM, May 24, 2019

 - 8:30AM, June 28, 2019 

OMM Lectures

Dr.  Alex Filipski and Dr. Vanessa Lalley-Demong will be the main preceptors. Lectures will generally be the third Thursday of every month at 9:30AM-10:30AM unless otherwise stated. For months where there is a holiday on the third Thursday, the OMM lecture will be the week before.

Required Research Case Study
Point of Contact: Dr. David Kolva (
Students are required to complete a case study research project throughout their year at St. Joseph’s. It is expected that
the student will have completed an article and poster presentation by the end of their year. Additionally, there are
monthly journal club meetings that students are expected to attend.
Please wear your white coat and name badge for all your rotations. Additionally, do not use perfumed products during your rotation.
This is important for the patient, peers and the hospital staff. Thank you

4th Year Opportunities

St Joseph's has an acting internship elective which is open to all fourth year medical students. Students that choose this elective will act as acting intern functions as a PGY1. During this you will be placed in one of the following: outpatient (Heritage/Cazenovia) and inpatient (Green/Red/Orange team). This is a great opportunity to audition!


Important Links


If there are any questions regarding scheduling, please contact Bernie or Kat. 

Elective Rotations
Please refer to Elective Rotations Page