St. Joseph's Hospital Health Center (Syracuse, NY)

Rotation Information

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Family Medicine

Inpatient Teams (1-month): Red and Green teams - Teams consist of a Senior 3rd year resident and two interns. Please arrive at the residents room in unit 2-4 at 7am (main hospital using elevator C).

First Day of Rotations: Arrive on time to the resident’s room as morning rounds begin sharply at 7am. In order to free up space in the room, please use computers on the 4th floor (use elevator A, take a right off of the elevator then a left. Keep walking down the hall; computer room will be on your right). You will generally be assigned 1 to 3 patients which are also overseen by a resident. If you would like to present a patient, please ask the resident in charge.

  • Red Team attending is typically led by Dr. Pohar or Dr. LaBounty. They alternate each week. Red Team reporting rounds are typically after Green Team. After patients are seen, morning rounds are at 10/10:30AM.

  • Green Team attending varies depending on the week. Led by FM faculty. Green Team reporting rounds at 7am. After patients are seen, morning rounds are at 10/10:30AM.

Outpatient (1-month): Outpatient clinic shifts are performed at the Family Medicine Center on the 6th Floor of the physician office building. You will follow a 3rd or 2nd year resident. In addition to your outpatient schedule, students are required to do OMT clinic on Tuesdays with either Dr. Lalley or Dr. Filipski. OMT clinic is located on the 1st floor of the hospital in the Specialty Services Department.

Recommended Texts:

  • Case Files (Family Medicine) for the 1st month

  • UWorld, Pretest, Combank for the 2nd month

    Internal Medicine

    Rotation Director: Dr. Hughes. His office is located at Room 3548.

    Dr. Hughes creates the schedule for the students rotating on the Blue team. Please arrive to the hospitalist room (located at Room 3549) at 7AM in the main hospital. Take the C elevators. The code to the room is "3-2-4-Enter."

    Recommended Texts:

    • Step Up to Medicine 4E

    • Case Files (Medicine)

    • Harrison Principles of Internal Medicine 19e (for reference)

    • High Yield - Surgery Notes


    Rotation Director: Dr. James Tucker Newborn Nursery Students will be paired with a FMC Nursery Intern: changes monthly. check Amion. Text your resident the day before your first day to see what time he or she would like you to go (generally, 7-7:30am should be good) Take elevator to 5th floor in the main hospital. Go to the left side of the floor and down the hall and pass the nursery. There is a small room with two computers. This is where you should find your resident. Scrubs or white coat and business casual are to be worn in the Newborn Nursery and NICU. Please make sure your badge has access to L&D and 5-1 (go to HR if you can't get into the floor). Each room has its own pediatric stethoscope. Do not use a stethoscope on a baby that is not from that room. FMC (6th Floor of the Physicians’ Office Building) – On Thursdays, go to clinic with the nursery resident and see pediatric patients.

    Recommended Texts:

    • Case Filed Pediatrics

    • PreTest Pediatrics

    Emergency Medicine

    Rotation Director: Dr. Olivia Andrade (

    Scrubs are to be worn. Ask around for an ED locker room, or take scrubs from the OR/PACU locker rooms (same floor as surgical waiting room).

    You will be assigned to a resident during your emergency medicine rotation. Your total number of hours will be approximately 100-110 hours during your rotation month = 10-12 shifts. If there are two students, students will switch residents half-way through the month. Please report to the emergency room taking the E elevators.

    Recommended Texts:

    • FA Emergency Medicine for Boards

    • Case Files EM

    Obstetrics and Gynecology

    Rotation Director: Dr. Dawn Brink-Cymerman (

    Students follow 2nd year resident during this rotation. Meet in the 5th floor Labor and Delivery OB conference room near locker rooms for sign-out at 6am. Otherwise, you may find the resident in the fishbowl area in between the kitchen and nurses' station. Scrubs are to be worn during this rotation. Code to the locker room is on the doorframes. There is OB/GYN lecture every Tuesday usually 8-11:30 AM in the Med Ed conference room. Ask the residents when the lecture is because it may be subject to change. Very good review for shelf and wards. Speak to MaryAnn regarding proper scrubbing and gowning instructions, if you are unfamiliar with surgical scrubbing (she’s there on the weekdays). Otherwise, talk to the surgical tech nurse as they will be helping you glove and gown in. You will not be able to participate in a C-section until you receive scrub training.

    Try to introduce yourself to all laboring patients on the floor with the resident first thing in the morning. That way if you are able to go in when she is about to deliver and fully exposed, it won't be your first time seeing her. Recommended Texts: Blueprints



    Rotation Director: Dr. Melissa Arthur (

    Email Dr. Arthur a day prior on your rotation to know meeting location. She will assign you a reflection to do every week regarding what you have learned during each area. She additionally has you write 2 case reports with 3 evidence based articles, one midway and one at the end. There is also a required webinar to watch and answer pre and post survey questions.

    Note: Additionally, do not wear your stethoscopes/ties during your psychiatry rotations. Or your white coat. Most weeks should be business casual except MCU

    Mobile crisis unit starts at 8:30 AM usually, please arrive to the administration office and ask for Bridget. Closest way is to go up the staircase in Butternut Cafe and look for the proper door in the hallway overlooking the cafe. Business casual or scrubs is fine.

    CPEP’s office can be found in the same hallway above Butternut cafe as MCU’s office. Later on you can also try entering through the labeled door near the front of the ED, next to where the ambulances park. Business casual is acceptable, though I’ve worn scrubs as well with no complaints. No white coats, no stethoscopes

    Inpatient unit (3-6 unit) try to come in from the B elevator. Inpatient has its initial meeting at 7:00 am, but physicians usually attend the second part at 7:30 am. My recommendation is to attend 7am the first day and 730 all other days.  Please get in contact with Dr. Arthur beforehand and request card access to the unit; your card probably won’t work and people will have to escort you around the floor otherwise. Business casual, no white coats, no stethoscopes.

    PROS. (742 James St.) Amion schedule says 7:00am but come at 8:55 or 9am because the place does not open until then. From main entrance go up one small flight of stairs to floor 1 (not the mezzanine). Ask for Kathryn Murphy, who can direct you. No white coats, no stethoscopes. If the doctor is busy, you are free to look up group session schedules and join the one that’s most intriguing to you

    Behavioral Health - (730 James St. with Dr. Chris Prozack) Continue up the staircase to the Mezzanine or 2nd floor, ask for the Dr. you’re assigned to.

    Shelf Exam Tips: know your psychopharmacology

    Recommended Texts

    • Purple book- all you need

    • Step up to Psych


    Rotation Director:
    Depending on which Surgery service you are on, you will be following Dr. Weiss, Dr. Maini, or Dr. Kumar. The week will be divided into days at the office at 5100 W Taft Road in Liverpool and days in the OR at St. Joe's.

    OR Rules:

    • Only 1 student scrubbed in per case. 2 students in an operation room at a time.

    • Only 1 full wet scrub required at the beginning of the OR shift.

      • Make sure you have a mask on when scrubbing in (otherwise you have to redo your scrub with a mask on)

    • No white coats allowed in the OR (hallways too).

    Recommended Texts:

    • Surgical Recall
    • De Virgillio Surgery: A case based clinical review
    • Pestana Surgery Notes 3e 
    • NMS Surgery Casebook, 2e
    • Surgery cases and questions ppt 

    Rotation Information

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    Rotation Information

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